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Cattler Newsletter #20

We have new Plans!

With recent feature updates and more in the pipeline, Cattler has renewed its plans. As part of this exciting initiative, Cattler's website has undergone a complete redesign, aimed at enhancing the overall value proposition and providing an improved user experience that is both seamless and intuitive.

Cattler at Jackson Feedlot LLC in Ord, Nebraska

Cattler begins AHI Onboarding

Within a month of launching the integration with AHI microingredients machines in the North American market. 

Cattler made significant strides by successfully onboarding new members. The seamless integration of these clients showcases the efficiency and effectiveness of the integration, setting a strong foundation for future growth and expansion.

Cattler & AHI partnership in action! 

Cattler Conversations with Dr. Spencer Wolter

We are excited to introduce Cattler Conversations, a platform where industry experts and farmers come together to share their unique perspectives on the Cattle Industry!

Check out our first episode with Dr. Spencer Wolter!

New Features released

Over the last couple of weeks Cattler has launched the following NEW (member requested) features:

  • Processing log

  • AHI Microdose costs in billing

  • Stock alert runway mode

  • Grain Bank 

  • AHI Load & Drop independent operation 

  • AHI Costs closeout & billing

  • Closeout by pen 

  • Individual closeout from hospital 

  • Chute processor custom treatments 

  • New feedbunk score option (lb or %) 

  • Elanco improvements

- And much much more! Find explanation videos on our previous Webinar

We have been posting on our Youtube channel videos on our new features and walking through how to get through them, we encourage you to look into em! 

If you have any questions feel free to send us an email or give us a call? Join Us!


The Cattler Team

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