Run everything from delivering feed to managing cattle, and more, all in one platform

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Cattler is a mobile & desktop software platform that allows the cattle farmer to run all its operation in one place.

It connects with any device you have (scales, EID readers) and enables you to run your daily tasks seamlessly from beginning to end. From feeding to cattle management. From animal health to the processing chute. From the lot to the individual, and from day 1 to the closeout. 

And more! Check it out!

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Jeff Bullerman
3B Farms, Adrian, MN


I like the flexibility, the flowability. Its going to be easy to use wether you are a rookie on the farm or been there for years! It's the perfect mixture a system that is friendly and nice to see, and an all in one solution.


Flikkema Brothers
Flikkema Farms,Lanark, IL

Regardless of the product itself, which is simple to use and complete at the same time, we found on Cattler people that are really listening and are focused on making life easier for us, constantly improving the system with our input.


Eric Knobbe,
Cattle Ridge, Wisner, NE

Cattler works perfectly well, the user interface is clean, super easy to install (we did it ourselves), and it is way more complete than what we have seen and used so far.

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