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What other new features were released this month (Jul 23)?

When we speak about lots of features, we mean lots of features for real. On top of the additions brought by the new Animal Health section, this month brought many other improvements to the app, one of them super important, which is a set of functions to interact with the individual record of every animal, and it's closely related to Animal Health obviously.

But there's much more to talk about, let's summarize it on a list:

- Individual Management features

- The ability to access to the individual profile of an animal from different sections, like Cattle Management, Yard Sheet or Animal Health.

- The ability to add and edit in bulk data on ID for an individual or set of individuals

- The ability to treat an animal or pull it out on a one by one case. This is shared with the Animal Health new feature.

- New General Settings subsection with new key features

A whole new subsection of Settings that will allow more customizations on different levels of the app. The ones that appear now are significant: a) overall changes in fees, b) changes in the mass units used for weight (lb or kg), c) you can pick now how the app will increase weight whether is based on ADG established by the user on a per lot basis (in the Lot Plan), or using the NRC formula, d) language of the user in the app. Even if the account's language will be officially set on the language of the country in which the account is based, a user of an english language account can now navigate the app in Spanish or Portuguese. And the opposite is also true.

- Improvements in Yard Sheet

A set of improvements in Yard Sheet, both from an aesthetic point of view (better charts, added key metrics and information on the lot) but also from a functional perspective (roll call list of the pen right there, access to individual profiles, direct access to the bunk score of that pen) have redefined the usefulness of this section, speeding up some parts of the daily job, specially from mobile devices.

- Changes in Sales, Status & Closeout

Significant changes were deployed in Cattle Sales. We changed the structure of the form to fit more accurate & needed information, and also allowed for adjusting last minute the liveweight of the animals that are being shipped.

This also had an impact on the Closeout Report, which is cleaner now and has more appropriate information than before. This went along with a general recalculation of many parameters from the past that weren't properly updated in the previous version of the Closeout. There has been a modification on how frequently we recalculate the closeout based on changes that happen along the operation.

An example of a part of the closeout, with cleaner view and adjusted economic metrics

- Reports: Yardsheet, more options in Feed Deliveries

We added a new report called Yardsheet, which is a very comprehensive way to look at data across the operation from a pen by pen perspective, which is also downloadable as a spreadsheet and as a PDF. Below you find and example of the PDF version.

We also added more options in the Feed Deliveries Report, to be able to sort out information with more flexilibility.

Some corrections

- Price units corrections in the Commodity Prices table of the Dashboard

- More flexibility to temporarily change the amount of animals of a lot just created

We will be creating some content -videos, mainly- with more specifics of each one of these new features.

Want more? Just wait some weeks!

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