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Cattler Newsletter #21

Updated: Jun 17

Lots of new features in May!

Cattler continues growing driven by member feedback and constant innovation. May has huge new features released. Let's take a look at some of them:

New Yardsheet

The new yardsheet screen offers a convenient overview of pen details, including Weight, Days on Feed, Ration, and more.  We have also included quick access buttons for actions like Cattle In or Out, Cattle Transfer, Expenses, and individual animal search. Additionally, members can now adjust feeding plans directly from the yardsheet without navigating to the feeding section.

Grain Bank

This feature allows custom feeders to effortlessly monitor their customers' feed and deduct it from the billing while charging a fee for the service. With this release, Cattler brings to medium and small custom feeders a much needed solution that was unavailable in their market.

Compound Interest

We have enhanced the choices for setting interest rates on expenses. Members now have the flexibility to select between Simple and Compound interest options. Furthermore, they can customize the interest rates for cattle, feed, or lot expenses according to their preferences.

Load & Drop alarm mute button

We are always listening to our members. That's why we took the feedback from a member on twitter and made it real in only 8 days! Now, if the near-to-target alarm annoys you, just mute it!

Watch more information on our last Webinar video. Click here


New Members integrating with Microfeeding machines

We are excited to announce that the integration with Animal Health International's feed additive machines has turned out very successful across the members of Cattler that adopted the interface.

Both companies have decided to double down on the partnership and work together to expand the use of this new tool across an important segment of the feedlot industry.


First Cattler Demo Day of 2024!

Experience firsthand the seamless integration of Cattler at McLean Feedyard during the first Cattler Demo Day of 2024. Witness their operation, including microfeeding machines, in action.

Join us as guest speakers:

- Alfredo DiCostanzo (UNL): Discussing heat stress management,

- Allan Ketteler: Animal Health International & Micro Feeding Technology integration with Cattler

- Jed Terhart from Elanco & Cattler's Benchmark integration

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, June 11th at 4 pm (CT) at M Farms Inc, 1255 130th rd., Osceola, NE.

Don't miss it!

Save the date by clicking here.


Cattler Conversations with Alfredo DiCostanzo

Explore this month's engaging Cattler Conversations featuring Alfredo DiCostanzo. Click Here.

Tell us what you want us to talk about in the next episodes!


Watch our latest video!


We have been posting on our Youtube channel videos on our new features and walking through how to get through them, we encourage you to look into em!

If you have any questions feel free to send us an email or give us a call? Join Us!


The Cattler Team

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