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New Reports in Cattler: Livestock Inventory; Feed deliveries

As we continue to grow as a platform, we go adding new features, and reports is a very important one, because it gives us access to compiled information and data from our farm, useful for many reasons.

  • You might have seen it or not, but we reformed our Reports section, so not only is now nicer, but it's more organized and it's more clear what you have and what you will have soon. It looks a bit like this:

  • Now we have a way to create reports in a more practical way, so reports that are essentially spreadsheets (different from closeouts or invoices, which are PDFs) will appear more often, and there's ways to manipulate them and download them as spreadsheets (in CSV format, which is like an Excel file).

  • One of the new ones is Livestock Inventory, which is essential to managing your farm. This one is up and running, and it looks like this:

You can tweak the filters by columns and download it both as a csv or as a pdf, so it's pretty handy.

  • There's also a recent one -and pretty basic- that is Feed Deliveries, where you find a compilation of all the feed events on different basis (by lot, by pen, by owner, and for DM and AF, including the targets).

These here are the foundations for any farm to have control and analysis over what they are doing. Also very helpful for nutritionists.

Give it a look and try it out!

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