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Look at how simpler and powerful our Pen Map is turning!

We always want to simplify visuals and have less clicks to get to more places. So since Yard Sheet is the place where you look at your yard on a pen by pen basis, we wanted to empower it so it's not just about checking data and accessing to the Pen Rider - eartag reading feature, but also a common place where you can jump to the main things that you do.

So take a look below how it is changing, and this will be updated tonight, Wednesday November 8th.

So now you won't lose the ability to define your delivery plan from your Feeding section (you still have your Delivery Plan tab there), but now in Yard Sheet you can do it as well. This is more about give you more power to do things in less clicks, and from the same overview of your yard.

Also, there's that new bar of colored buttons with some of the main functions you typically use, like adding or closing lots of cattle (In & Out), moving or transferring cattle among pens, adding costs, and of course, reading tags either manually or synching to check on the animal profile and give it a treatment, for instance.

Check all these features tonight, together with some fixes that we always add for when errors appear. We are quite aggressive improving the app, as you can see, so sometimes we break stuff and then we fix it ASAP.

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