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Cattler Conversations Ep. 02: Alfredo DiCostanzo

Alfredo DiCostanzo: "Today is impossible to be profitable without keeping records"


Celebrating Beef Month, in episode 2 of Cattler Conversations we are thrilled to feature Dr. Alfredo Dicostanzo, a reference in the cattle industry, and an advisor of Cattler since the early beginnings.  Hailing from Mexico, Dr. DiCostanzo boasts 30 years of experience as a faculty member at the University of Minnesota, where he has spearheaded research and educational initiatives in beef cattle production and management. His expertise lies in the realms of nutrition and the efficient management of both feedlots and cow-calf operations.


Amidst the current phase of the cattle cycle marked by low inventories and soaring prices, Dr. DiCostanzo recognizes the challenges posed by escalating labor costs and interest rates, which have squeezed profit margins. He emphasizes the necessity for the industry to hold onto these margins and widen them through increased efficiency in the feedlot operations.


Dr. DiCostanzo advises feedlot operators to prioritize the best genetic backgrounds for their animals and remain and being ready to adjust operations for weather-related incidents, particularly ensuring adequate water access. Furthermore, he underscores the critical role of efficiency in the loading, mixing, and dropping processes for achieving success in the industry.

Watch full Cattler Conversation with Alfredo DiCostanzo

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