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Cattler Conversations Ep. 01: Spencer Wolter

Dr. Spencer Wolter: "We don't know how to be better unless we know what we did yesterday." 


Amidst his own corn planting season at his farm, Dr. Spencer Wolter joined the Cattler Conversations to share insights about his veterinary journey, the newest technologies, and a message for aspiring vets. 

Hailing from the University of Minnesota, he emphasized the thrill of navigating the grey areas in medicine, where every operation presents a unique challenge that requires a tailored solution.

In an ever-evolving landscape of information, ranging from cellular tags for tracking cattle in pasture to EPDs and genetic testing, Dr. Wolter stresses the importance of integrating these platforms to maximize the use of data: "We don't know how to be better unless we know what we did yesterday." he said. Additionally, he highlighted the significance of the farming management software's interactive reports because they are "crucial to understand what's going on in the farm and how to bring the most value to the producer". 

Watch full Cattler Conversation with Dr. Spencer Wolter

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