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Improve your Cattle Sales with a custom Price Grid.

Updated: Jun 17

Members of Cattler that are close to Kansas & Texas (soon also Nebraska) now have a new option to market cattle on a price grid and get better prices for a job well done.

Recently Cattler signed an agreement with a broker that has partnered with some medium sized packers to market cattle that meets certain specialty requirements. They are currently working now with two price grids, one for Black Angus cattle and one for Beef on Dairy, which is an increasingly requested cross type of cattle.

If you are already a member of Cattler and you are interested in learning more about how it works and how to sell through this channel, you can easily register here and a member of the Cattler Team will contact you for a brief conversation. There's no commitment in advance, just let us know and we will have a chat together with our partner.

There are already several members of Cattler successfully shipping cattle under these programs. This has no effect on your subscription whatsoever, it is just an optional benefit for being part of the Cattler community.

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