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Cattler's Animal Health officially launched: how does it look?

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

The basic idea is that you can do everything you do daily, but on a digital platform, easily and nicely. Take a peak

Animal Health is a new section of the Cattler app, but in reality it's more than a section, in the sense that it has impacts in other areas across the platform. Basically, we are talking about the following abilities:

  • Create and manage treatment protocols

  • Create and execute treatments to groups of animals (for instance, a lot or a pen) in an organized manner, previously planned.

  • Execute treatments on the fly when you find an animal or more in a certain condition, register the event and adjust the vet products inventory

  • Create new items and manage the inventory of vet products

  • Pull out and pull in animals to and from sick or hospital pens

  • Keep track of the evolution of individual animals under treatment, with history logs, health risks and other pieces of information

  • Keep track of withdrawal times and what animals cannot be sold

All these features are distributed between the Animal Health section and other sections like Yard Sheet, where you can see all your pens -and among them, the ones flagged as sick or hospital pens-, and in there you can return an animal to its home pen, or treat it, retreat it, or report it dead.

And by the way, how do you flag a feeding pen as a sick pen too? Well, simple: you go into the Settings icon on the left menu bar, and once there go into Feedyard Infrastructure, and in there you can flag certain pen as a Hospital Pen very quickly, as an added attribute to that pen.

So, don't expect for everything related to be just on Animal Health, because this is just one side of things that is continuously interacting with other areas. Another example is Supplies, where in the Medicines tab you add all the drugs and withdrawal dates that later are taken by the protocols to be applied on Treatments. You can see this just here below.

So then if you look at the section Animal Health itself, the first thing you will find is four tabs, out of which three are now working: Treatment Planning, Protocols and Animal Hospital. And the fourth one is the only pending subsection up until next update, which is Health Events.

Treatment Planning is basically the place where you set the programmed bulk treatments that will be executed on the processing barn, for example, the general vaccination that cattle receive at its arrival to the farm. In the example below you can see some programmed treatments that have been already executed.

This will be the place from where you will go straight to the chute order once we have that last section released. In the meantime, you can execute that bulk treatment manually by unfolding the treatment order you want to work with with the downward arrow and then you enter into the order by clicking (on the computer) or tapping (on a tablet) on the one shot that is pending to be executed. You can see the status with the color grey (pending), green (executed) or red (beyond date).

But how you even create a treatment order? Well, just by tapping/clicking into thee New Treatment button, you will find a screen like this one below (which is already filled in), so after picking the lot you want to treat, it will give you those many options to complete.

Edit Treatment menu screen in Cattler

And from there, once you confirm, you can execute the order at any point, but as you defined a date (or two, if you established two shots), Cattler will give you a heads up with an alert some days before you have to treat that lot, as a way to prepare for it. You will also have it on the Treatment list.

Secondly, you have Treatment Protocols, which is basically a 'cocktail' of drugs (that are picked out of the medicines supply) with a certain dosis and a criteria for application, that works pretty similarly to how Ration Management works for Feeding. We will be uploading videos of how these features work in detail. In the meantime you can try on your own and also call our team for doubts any time.

In third place we have Animal Hospital, which is a unified list of individuals that have been pulled out to the hospital or sick pens. So regardless of what sick pen are they located, you will see thee individuals on a list like it shows on the image below, and in every case you can open each animal's individual profile, treat them, check its records, send him back to his home pen, or simply report it dead, which automatically will take him out of the inventory.

Overall view of the Animal Hospital tab in the Animal Health section of Cattler

Profile of an individual animal in Animal Hospital with his records and ID information

If an animal is on withdrawal, it will be flagged on this screen with a legend in red, and whenever there's an intent of selling it, the system will generate a blocking warning about this situation.

Lastly, the subsection that is still not ready yet is the Health Events tab, which will be in essence the equivalent of the feeding log in the Feeding section but for Animal Health. So every executed health event, regardless of planned or unplanned treatment, or a death, or a sick pull, will appear in this subsection as a way to have all the information to review.

Go for it and give it a try! And if you don't have an account yet with Cattler, let's get started!

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