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Cattler's Demo Day in Osceola, NE

On Tuesday, June 11th, Cattler hosted a successful Demo Day at McLean's Feedyard in Osceola, Nebraska. The event brought together tens of cattlemen, partners, and nutritionists to demonstrate how a modern feedyard operates using the latest features on Cattler, and to share the new functionalities that are going to be released in the next few months. This showcase highlighted how our innovative technology can enhance efficiency and productivity in cattle management.

Emphasizing the importance of our network, we invited key partners such as Elanco and Animal Health International. Elanco presented their Benchmark program, which integrates seamlessly with Cattler's platform to provide enhanced cattle management solutions. Animal Health International demonstrated its micromachine integration, showcasing how their technology works in conjunction with Cattler's new software features. Additionally, Alfredo DiCostanzo from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln conducted a session on managing heat stress in cattle. He provided valuable insights on maintaining efficiency and ensuring animal well-being during the hot summer months.

Alfredo DiCostanzo remarked, "I was impressed by the interest in Cattler. It shows there is a great interest and an even greater need for these advancements in our industry." Ignacio Albornoz (Cattler's CEO) added, "It was a great event. The presentations and discussions were very interesting. We are glad with the great turnout from new members and partners coming to learn more!" Jed Terhaar, from Elanco commented, "It was great to have invited Professor Alfredo, bringing information to clients. It was also great to see the integration with micro machines with a new software program."

The event fostered a sense of community and collaboration among industry professionals, highlighting the innovative future of cattle management with Cattler.

We are excited about the advancements ahead and are committed to supporting the industry with cutting-edge solutions.

Stay tuned for more updates and events from Cattler!

The Cattler Team

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