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Cattler & Elanco sign contract for the Benchmark Program

Saratoga, CA -- Cattler Corporation and Elanco Animal Health Incorporated (NYSE: ELAN) have recently signed an agreement to provide joint customers data from Cattler's platform and access to Elanco’s Benchmark ® service

Cattler is an emergent technology company providing a management platform to cattle farmers across the Americas, from Canada, the US midwest, all the way to Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Elanco’s Benchmark service converts data into comparable information to help beef producers identify strengths, opportunities and nic

hes to pursue and measure improvements over time.

The good news were anticipated by Cattler's CEO, Ignacio Albornoz, during the monthly online Cattler Webinar celebrated in July 13th, in which a new software update was launched, although it is expected that a joint formal announcement between the two companies is released soon.

This agreement comes to fruition after some months of negotiations and amidst a momentum that Cattler is beginning to build in the Midwest, with farmers of many states signing up to the platform and a series of constant improvement iterations in the app to quickly adapt and improve the user experience and features.

The first features of this partnership will be probably released around September of this year. Farmers with or without current accounts at Cattler will be able to subscribe to this program through through the app. More details on the sign up process very soon through the Cattler newsletter, through this blog and via

alerts in the app.

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