How does the Cattler app work?

Have a peak about what you can do with the app

Cattler is a comprehensive management system, with many sections that cover most of the areas that a feedlot needs to run, and the ability to link with preexisting devices, whether it's scales or EID readers.



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Feeding is a comprehensive section where the farmer feeder can run all the feeding-related tasks, like defining rations for every pen, defining every batch of load, define the composition of every ration diet, and then go and feed with the app connected to a scale. But also allows to do the feed bunk scoring, and controlling every day's event with the feeding log.

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The Supplies section of Cattler allows the cattle farmer to manage their feedstuff and vet products inventory from the ground up, with very simple taps. From creating every ingredient or vet product, provide its features and costs, all the way to adding stock with different prices to getting automatic low stock alerts. With regards to cost, the software does weighted averages depending on every load and price. It also automatically updates the inventory of the ingredients after every day of feeding. The same goes for vet products, which are updated based on every treatment.

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Yard Sheet


The Yard sheet section will provide you an overview of your operational layout. You will be able to view each pen's current situation, as well as track the feed delivery record for any anomalies. Lastly the user will have quick access to view the different pen activities recorded, such as animal health (sick animal, animals pulled out to the hospital) or other events that caught the eye while walking the pen.

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Cattle Management

The Cattle management section provides you with all you need to manage your livestock inventory. You have two main toggles or subsections: Manage Inventory and Cattle Movements. Cattler enable its users to feel free with how they wish to organize their lots and pens and thus you can organize the lots into one or several pens, and have one or several owners. We have provided ¨Cattle in and Cattle out¨ features which allows the user to easily add incoming or outgoing cattle. Furthermore we provided a simple way to make movements within your feedyard lots. You will be able to both transfer lots into different pens as well as merge or split different lots into different pens.