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All what is required to feed in full mode


Cattle Management & Sales

Feeding functionalities

Ration Management, Bunk Score

Billing, Fees, Interest & Expenses

Individual Management & Pen Rider app

Inventory Management for Feed & Meds

Basic Reports & Alerts

Up to 2 users & 30 pens

$ 149 /month 

or $0.01/head/day for up to 500 head farms

+ Animal Health & Chute

Be on top of your cattle, one by one


Everything on Feeder Basic + 

Manage your Treatment Protocols

Schedule your group Treatments

Connect to EID readers & Cattle scales

Check & treat individuals on the fly

Manage you Sick Cattle alltogether

Chute Processing in real time

+ 1 user, + 10 pens

+ $ 50 /month 

Added to feeding remains in $199 / month

Feeder Pro

Ideal for larger operations & advanced custom feeders


Everything on Feeder Basic + 

Advanced Feeding functionalities

Ration Step ups, Dump box handling

Account Management & Grain Bank

Advanced Inventory Management

Advanced Reports & Alerts

Up to 10 users & 80 pens

User Access for Customers

Coming Soon.

Stay tuned, you can ask to be

reminded when it's ready

Special Plans

Summer Fee

Feeder Plan

Backup 3-month plan for those who don't feed in the summer

Pause your account without losing information

Access to all your data whenever you need

Start paying full price when you start feeding or after 3 months

$ 50 / month  for up to 3 months

then $149 per month

Penny per Head 

Feeder Plan

Plan for Feeders under 500 head. Pay only for every animal you have. 

$0.01 per Head per Day

($ 0.3 per head per month)

+Animal health & Chute

+$ 0.004 per Head per day

($ 0.1 per head per month)

Integration with Animal Health International's
Feed additives preparation machine (micromachines)




12074 Candy lane

Saratoga, CA 95070

(531) 234-5882

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